Text Box: Text Box: BankruptcyText Box: 	A bankruptcy filing is not for everyone. Together, we can determine if you can benefit from a bankruptcy filing. I assist debtors and creditors. My experience with both sides of bankruptcy allows me to provide thorough representation to my debtor and creditor clients. If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, let my advice help you make the right choice.  Contact us for a free bankruptcy consultation.

May Stop Foreclosures and Repossessions
Payment Plan
Liquidation (Ch. 7)
Rehabilitation (Ch. 13)
This Firm Is A Debt Relief Agency
We also offer the following services in addition to Bankruptcy assistance:

Text Box: Bankruptcy may be indicated if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

Your overall debt is higher than your annual income
Although you make payments on your debt, the balance never seems to decrease
You have received one or more collection notices from creditors in the past few months
You have been sued or a judgment has been entered against you
You regularly choose between paying your bills or paying for food, shelter, or medical care
Your mortgage lender has sent you a foreclosure notice
Your car has been repossessed, or repossession has been threatened
A creditor has garnished your paycheck or bank account
The IRS is sending you threatening letters
You avoid answering your phone because of bill collectors, or you have memorized their numbers
You have obtained payday loans
You have borrowed against the equity in your car
You have borrowed against your retirement account to pay household living expenses
You are overdrawn in your checking account, again
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